To Smoke or not to Smoke

Smoking Areas

October 2012

Smart Interiors carry stock, all year round of Rattan Furniture which can remain outside in all weathers (excluding cushions) is easily cleanable with no annual maintenance unlike wood furniture.

Two years on and whatever the original objections it looks like the smoking ban is here to stay – It becomes increasingly common to see people huddled together outside pubs, bars & restaurants, having a cheeky fag !!

Rather than make them feel like social outcast, some venues are providing attractive areas in order to satisfy the smoker’s needs. The addition of a garden shelter can turn an unused area into a retreat for smoker’s – these areas can be made into comfortable places with lighting, heaters and all weather furniture creating a pleasant atmosphere and a pub or bar that caters for everyone.

Smoker’s do not have to feel as though they are being treated unfairly and pushed out into the cold. A well designed shelter can be a huge taking point and will in fact attract customers.

There is also the possibility that non-smokers will accompany their smoking friends to the shelter if you make this essential trade area as attractive & comfortable as possible.

Top Tip – Plant hanging baskets or planters with fragrant plants such as Honeysuckle & Lavender or herbs such as Rosemary to help reduce the smell of stale tobacco.

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