Is Your Restaurant in Need of a Renovation

June 2016

In the lifespan of any restaurant, there comes a time when a renovation is in order. Sometimes it is because time has taken its toll on the building and a restaurant remodeling job is required, and sometimes it is simply time for a change. A renovation job can often reenergize the restaurant and everybody within it.

If you watch any episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsey and his team will always renovate the failing establishment in order to give the building and every member of staff involved a fresh start and a new sense of purpose. Of course, these are often restaurants that are doomed to fail, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t have the same effect on restaurants that are doing well.

Signs that you need a renovation

There are number of signs that your restaurant is in need of some TLC. These include:

  • Customer comment cards are pointing out flaws in your décor, including lighting, wallpaper and paintwork, art and design work, furniture and fittings, etc. Comments such as “tired” and “dull” are a sign that you may need to get the paint out of the garage
  • Your staff and management are pointing out faulty or damaged furniture and/or fittings with increasing regularity
  • You haven’t had a refurbishment for years  - Online reviews of your restaurant are mentioning your décor in a negative way

The pros of having a renovation done at your restaurant are mostly relevant to the people within the business. For starters, your regular customers – and new ones – will notice instantly that your restaurant has changed and/or has a new, fresh look. This change can motivate your staff, customers and your management team, which in turn will translate to improved service.

In the aftermath of a renovation job, you should take the opportunity to update your website with new photos and promote the renovations via your social media channels. This extra push following your refurbishment could give your restaurant a new lease of life as you wow potential customers with your new and improved look.


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Article Source: RMagazine


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