Valentines Day

January 2016

Most venues have only just got over Christmas and New Year when they start planning  ‘Valentine’ events.

It is one of the most profitable days in the bar and restaurant industry and it’s a great opportunity to attract new customers to your restaurant.

When Valentine’s Day strikes restaurants rearrange their dining areas, so that every table is for two – do you need additional tables or chairs to make the most of this busy event. ?

Valentine’s Day has become a big business for hotels and restaurants with romantic getaways or candlelit dinners for 2.

You may be looking to change your décor, furniture etc or simply want to add additional chairs & tables to maximise your covers.

We have dining chairs & tables available from stock for immediate dispatch – so from a full refit to just adding a couple of tables / chairs - call our sales team on 0115 9207528 for further details.

Tip: Offer to your guests free glass of champagne before dinner, put candles and flowers on the table, play romantic music and dim the lights. Your guests will be happy and in love again in this romantic atmosphere.

Valentines Day

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