Pub Renovations can make all the difference

Februray 2012

A pub or bar refurbishment needn’t cost the earth, but can have a massive effect on turnover.

Many landlords have transformed their pubs on a budget and those that keep investing, albeit carefully, will reap the rewards.

For many, it may make the difference between success & failure as the revolution in Britain’s pub-going habits works its way through the country and forces landlords to adapt or suffer the consequences.

  • COMFORT is important but doesn’t need to cost a lot.
    Stools, chairs, heating, lighting & décor, are all part of the comfort equation.
  • STREET ASPECT is vital – impressive entrance, clean windows, bright signage, stylish outdoor furniture and flower pots attract customers.
  • UTILISE every space turning it into a revenue – earning area.
  • CHOOSE fabrics that are easily cleaned and will withstand extra traffic

A few Key points from article ‘Inside Track’ in the 'Publicans Morning Advertiser’

There is huge pressure on the licence trade to entice people into the pub at a time when customers have become very selective about how they spend their money.

The quality of the interior is more important now than ever if a pub is to survive this economic storm.
In the boom times or recession, a refurbishment has one overriding objective – to boost trade and deliver a return on the substantial investment.

Keeping a tight rein on the purse strings is even more pertinent due to the lack of finance in the current climate. Any money that is available is being spent on functionality, such as creating family-oriented spaces and improving dining areas.

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